The name of this web site comes from a Bette Davis quote “Old Age Ain’t No Place For Sissies”. When we get there ourselves we figure out what she meant.

My name is James Sullivan. I’m a senior citizen/elder living in Easthampton, MA. I’m the website editor.

Many of us senior citizens face a myriad of challenges, questions, anxieties, struggles, etc. related to housing, health, family, finances, nutrition, technology etc.. Some face these challenges successfully and lead productive lives well into their 80s, while others struggle for a variety of reasons. Especially for less economically stable elders, who might be without family assistance, it can be an often daunting on-going challenge. As Bette says, it’s no place for sissies.

Thankfully, there are many local, State and National social service and other agencies that offer support for elders and their caregivers, families and friends. Check out the Resources page for more info.

On this site’s pages and blog posts you’ll find senior citizen related news, stories and anecdotes, links to helpful resources, and some of my own personal experiences and observations as I go through my older years. Follow the links in the Menu at the top of this and other pages.

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Image – Mr. Natural, by R. Crumb